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Divorce can have a dramatic effect on a person’s finances.

Someone who’s going through a divorce may need help managing their assets or crafting a financial plan. We find that many clients feel unprepared to make important decisions on their own, whether they are the income earner, the non-income earner or an equal contributor to income. Both spouses want an answer to the same question, “Am I going to be okay?” Newly divorced clients are looking for ongoing help and advice, whether simply about monthly spending or more complicated planning such as setting up a trust.


The Advisor Team


The importance of working with experienced, professional advisors cannot be overstated. Divorcerelated planning is a highly specialized field. Even divorces that might seem simple and straightforward at first can turn into protracted battles. Attorneys, accountants, business valuation professionals and other advisors should be selected for their technical expertise, their communication skills and their ability to understand the complex emotional issues at play. BNY Mellon works directly with advisors on behalf of our shared clients and can play a key role on a team of advisors providing pre-settlement insights on risk, cashflow, investments and property issues. We have a team of experts, including nationally recognized speakers and published authors on the subject of wealth and divorce, who are focused on providing advice and support for family law attorneys, CPAs and trust and estate attorneys.


Pre-Settlement Review: Tools to Assist During Divorce


We specialize in wealth planning during divorce. We utilize a proven, confidential process to review a client’s financial situation before, during and after a divorce to identify what we believe is the best position for the changing circumstances.


In our pre-settlement review, our professionals uncover important financial issues, including hidden stock concentrations, portfolio risks, unnecessary costs and tax issues. With these factors in mind, we provide solutions and strategies that clients and their advisors find essential in helping to achieve a solid plan for their financial future.



Our Active Wealth Approach


Wealth management revolves around successful planning. At BNY Mellon Wealth Management, planning is carried out through each of the five practices within our Active Wealth framework: investing to maximize compounding; borrowing strategically; spending dynamically; managing taxes; and protecting legacy. To learn more about BNY Mellon Wealth Management’s Active Wealth practices or Family Law advisory capabilities, please contact your relationship manager or visit


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