Planned Giving Celebrates 30th Anniversary

BNY Mellon Wealth Management Planned Giving is delighted to celebrate our 30th anniversary. Our team has been helping organizations like yours achieve its goals since 1992. Take a walk down memory lane as we acknowledge our dedicated team members and share their memories with you.

Carlos S. Byrne, CAP®, National Director, Donor Advised Fund Services

21 years of philanthropy experience/25 years at BNY Mellon

What is your favorite success story?

I helped co-found the BNY Mellon Charitable Gift Fund (a donor advised fund) with William Morgan and George Rio. The Gift Fund has been active for over eight years and has received more than half a billion dollars in charitable contributions. We are proud that over $200 million in grants has been distributed to qualified charities.

What do you like best about working in Planned Giving?

This is my 25th year with BNY Mellon, and my 21st year with Philanthropic Solutions. Throughout my career, I’ve been blessed to work with colleagues and managers who are the best in the business. I have never been bored with my job, as there’s always a problem to solve, an idea to build on, and an assist to savor. Our clients are just as passionate as we are, and our shared vision drives us to the same ultimate purpose.


Susan M. Looney, CTFA, Vice President, Senior Relationship Manager

21 years of philanthropy experience/35 years at BNY Mellon

What is your favorite success story?

The day I arrived at BNY Mellon, almost 35 years ago, we were told that “the smallest difference makes all the difference” and that stuck with me.

My favorite success stories almost always involve interactions with our clients’ donors. One of my favorites involves a donor I was introduced to about 20 years ago. A client asked me to have a call with her to address concerns about the value of her trust. We had the call, and I reminded the donor of how the trusts work; that despite the decline in the market, she was still receiving her 8.5% payout. Fast forward to the present—through several gift planning officers at the client—and the donor has called me every year to see how much she will have from the trust to contribute to her budget. During the winter of 2015, the donor (who lives in California) also called me after every snowstorm she saw on the news to make sure I was okay. I have become the one she comes to for all information regarding the trust.

What do you like best about working in Planned Giving?

That’s easy… it’s the people: my colleagues, our clients and others in the industry, including the competition. I don’t think I’ve ever met such a collaborative group of individuals. It’s not about the level of experience or the title; we all make time to help each other.