BNY Mellon is pleased to announce it is one of 52 firms recognized in the 2017 Bloomberg Financial Services Gender-Equality Index (BFGEI). The index provides investors and organizations with standardized aggregate data across company gender statistics, employee policies, gender-conscious product offerings and external community support and engagement.

“Diversity and inclusion – across all of its dimensions – is an asset and source of strength for organizations that fully embrace and support an inclusive culture and environment,” said Jyoti Chopra, Head of Global Citizenship and Sustainability at BNY Mellon. “BNY Mellon is proud of its steadfast commitment to promoting gender equality for our company, clients, investors and the greater financial community, as evidenced most recently by the publication of our Return on Equality report.”

The report, launched by BNY Mellon and the UN Foundation, focuses on investment opportunities with companies that advance gender equality through their products and services. The five sectors examined in this report – telecommunications, contraception, child care, water and energy --  present investment opportunities with an estimated global market impact nearing US $300 billion in incremental annual spending by 2025.

In order to be considered for inclusion on the BFGEI, BNY Mellon submitted a social survey created by Bloomberg in partnership with third-party experts, including Women's World Banking, Catalyst and Working Mother Media. Those included in this year's index scored at or above 60 points, a global threshold established by Bloomberg to reflect disclosure and the achievement or adoption of best-in-class statistics and policies.

Both the survey and the BFGEI are voluntary and have no associated costs. Bloomberg collected the data for the BFGEI for reference purposes only and the index is not ranked.

Being featured on the index reflects BNY Mellon’s dedication to both data transparency and all aspects of diversity and inclusion, bringing a new level of clarity and awareness to social and governance information in the gender equality space.