From employees to investors, from business neighbors to family relations — everyone counts on you to keep things humming. Owning a business is complex. We can help, using two precious resources: attention and experience.

Five Tips for Starting Your Business Off on the Right Foot

With careful planning and a little foresight, these steps can help you create a solid foundation to build your business upon.

Protect Your Business With a Shareholder Agreement

Putting important provisions in your shareholder agreement can ensure that you and your shareholders are working from the same set of expectations when making decisions.

Navigating the M&A Market

Joan Crain

For entrepreneurs, a successful M&A deal starts long before the sale.

Podcasts sparking dialogue with business owners and entrepreneurs:

Books that business owners are talking about:


Podcast and Book Links

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The Pitch

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Business Wars

Masters of Scale

Outside In with Charles Trevail

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

TedTalks Business

Creative Quest

The Art of the Gathering

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