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Fundamental changes in the asset management industry have been building for some time. In a new and wide-ranging BNY Mellon research study covering 200 asset managers around the globe, we show why such changes have reached a point of no return. The study also includes actionable insights to help asset managers thrive in this new world.

Download overview report for insights into asset managers’ perspectives about their future ability to generate alpha and grow their investor base.

Geopolitical and demographic shifts have redefined the market landscape. With COVID-19, these pressures intensified. The industry is more focused than ever on the ability to operate digitally with resiliency.

Our survey participants told us again and again - there is no going back. The research uncovered five themes that illustrate their perceptions about the industry's future and what it will take to succeed.


See below for a preview of these five themes. We will also be releasing in-depth chapters to explore the perceptions and concerns in each area.

The policy implications of a win on either side are even more dramatic than they have been in previous years.
— Daniel Tenengauzer, BNY Mellon
By the Numbers
  • $35.5
    trillion in asset oversight
  • 94%
    of banks worldwide are our clients
  • 100
    of the Fortune 500 are our clients