We've had the privilege of working with many accomplished clients who have successfully navigated the numerous challenges that entrepreneurs and business owners face every day. Some of them have been generous enough to share their personal stories with us, so that business owners like you can benefit from their knowledge and experience.

In this video, Mary Meduski, President and CFO of Tierpoint and Cequel III, talks about the confidence necessary to start from scratch, find the right partner and make a difference in an industry.


Taking Cues From Your Clients

Fred Kamel, President of Accommodations Plus International, believes that being in touch with your clients can reveal “real wisdom” that leads to success.

Advice for Business Owners

Whether you are starting, growing or exploring a transition of your business, we can help you along the way.

Creating a Compelling Culture

Bob Shaw, former CEO and President of Netoptics, explains how an exciting, engaging corporate culture compelled his employees to excel and made his business grow at an unheard of rate.