Onshoring Your Offshore Trust to the U.S.

In addition to establishing new trusts with a U.S. situs, settlors and beneficiaries alike are moving existing trusts to the U.S. from other jurisdictions. Commonly referred to as "onshoring," domesticating a trust to the U.S. can provide important benefits but requires experienced counsel.

Wealthy global families are reversing the trend from shunning to seeking a U.S. situs for their trusts, with a growing number of settlors and beneficiaries interested in moving existing trusts from other jurisdictions to the U.S. There are many reasons behind this shift, especially when some or all of the trust beneficiaries are U.S. persons. However appealing onshoring may seem, the devil is in the details. Experienced counsel is critical in order to avoid incurring unnecessary taxes, professional fees and even litigation among family members.

To learn more about the benefits and considerations when moving offshore trusts to the U.S. from other jurisdictions, please download our PDF, Onshoring Your Offshore Trust to the U.S.