Our Active Wealth Approach drives success

Active Wealth's five practices support long-term financial success with the potential to increase wealth accumulation by up to 5.2% on an annualized basis1.

Five Active Wealth practices to ensure
lasting wealth

Optimize growth by staying in the market with the right investment strategy, and if needed, manage concentration risk.

Understand the impact of personal spending and develop a spending strategy.

Minimize the impact of all costs, but especially the cost and drag of taxes.

Establish a customized strategy for using leverage.

Secure assets and legacy against unintended consequences.

Is Your Wealth Strategy Supporting Your Goals?

Now that you’ve learned about our Active Wealth approach, we’d like to introduce the BNY Mellon Active Wealth Accelerator, an interactive tool designed to help you assess your own financial strategies. Through a series of questions and insights, you’ll be empowered with the knowledge for how to build, grow and sustain your wealth.

Good advice is more valuable than ever

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